The City Mouse and the Country Mouse

Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the Country mouse saw the City mouse; he said, “Do come and see me at my house in the country.” So the City mouse went. The City mouse said, “This food is not good, and your house is not good. Why do you live in a hole in the field? You should come and live in the city. You would live in a nice house made of stone. You would have nice food to eat. You must come and see me at my house in the city.”

The Country mouse went to the house of the City mouse. It was a very good house. Nice food was set ready for them to eat. But just as they began to eat they heard a great noise. The City mouse cried, ” Run! Run! The cat is coming!” They ran away quickly and hid.

After some time they came out. When they came out, the Country mouse said, “I do not like living in the city. I like living in my hole in the field. For it is nicer to be poor and happy, than to be rich and afraid.”





过了一会儿,他们出来了。当他们出来时,乡下老鼠说:“我不喜欢住在城里,我喜欢住在田野我的洞里。因为这样虽然贫穷但是快乐自在,比起虽然富有却要过着提心吊胆的生活来说,要好些 。


There has been a long time for my family not to go out for the activity, because my father is busy all the time. But last week, my father finally finished his project, so that he could take a rest for some time. My father advised us to go to the zoo, I was so excited, because I hadn’t seen many animals in my life. In the zoo, there were so many people, it was so lively. I saw the monkey, the giraffe and so on. I saw these animals in the TV usually, but I saw them in front of me that day. The peacock impressed me so much, it looked homely when it laid down the ground, but when it stood up and opened the wings, it was so gorgeous. People said peacock was proud, indeed, it would not please people. I had a good time in the zoo.




When I was very small, I was so obsessed with the movie Harry Potter. I had watched all the series and I was so impressed by the role that acted by Emma Watson. Now so many years have passed, I keep paying attention to her. Emma is as smart as the role she plays. Though she keeps filming movies, she never gives up study. She got full A in her lesson and she could go to any top university, finally she went to Brown University. When she graduated, she was invited to give the speech He For Her. She called the men to be equal with the women. The speech was welcomed by the world and people gave great support. People call Emma the England rose, she is smart and elegant, which sets the good example for the England girls.




Many traditional arts are losing nowadays, because some of them have been replaced by the new machines and the scientific products. I feel so sorry about the losing arts, in my opinion, they are so classic and their charm will never fade away. Take my grandma for example. She is good at paper-cut which was inherited from her mother. But when comes to my mother’s generation, paper-cut seems to be kicked out, there are less people need it, so my mother doesn’t learn this skill. The paper-cut art is losing in my family. When I found my grandma had this skill, I was so surprised and curious about it. I asked my grandma to teach me this skill. During the process, I found this art was so great, I was attracted by it. Some traditional arts like paper-cup should be kept.




After seeing so many movies about the youth, we are starting to wonder about what do we have in our youth, the fight, the drink or the love? My answer is no. What we see from the movie is not true, the plots are exaggerated and misunderstood. For students, their youth is the process of fighting. They have studied so hard to realize their dreams. When they are in primary school, they want to do well and make their parents be proud of them. When they are in middle school and high school, they need to take part in the exams so as to enter the better future schools. Even they are in college, they still need to study and fight for the ideal job. There is no doubt that most people keep fighting for their future and this is the memory of youth.